10 reasons why website performance matters


The average online shopper expects your pages to load in two seconds or less, down from four seconds in 2006. Source : Gomez


After three seconds, up to 40% of your shoppers will abandon your site. Source : Wired


Google includes site speed in its search result ranking algorithm.


A new standard has emerged for website page performance called the “performance poverty line”. If you have a page load time of more than 6 secs then you are below the “performance poverty line”


A one second improvement can have an impact to about 2% conversion based on data collected by large online retailers like Walmart.com and Amazon.com


3 billion dollars is lost annually because of cart abandonment due solely to slow website pages. Source : FastCompany


Ad revenue for slow websites are 37% less than revenue for faster sites. Bing found out that a 4.3% decrease in the advertising revenues for 2 extra seconds in the displaying of search results


The fastest growing countries e.g. India have more than 40% of their users who are mobile only users.And they are very conscious of fast loading pages.


The first landing page beautification every site does has a 80% of chance of being slower than the previous versions

###10 Image and Video optimization can possibly solve 20% of the worlds most popular websites page load times. Netflix saw a 43% drop in outbound traffic after enabling compression. Source : O’Reilly

Published: January 03 2016

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