4 Typical inductive learning problems

  1. Regression : trying to predict a real value. For instance, predict the value of a stock tomorrow given its past performance. Or predictyour score on the data science final exam based on your homework scores.
  2. Binary Classification : trying to predict a simple yes/no response.For instance, predict whether you will enjoy this material or not.Or predict whether a user review of the newest Google product is positive or negative about the product.
  3. Multiclass Classification : trying to put an example into one of a number of classes. For instance, predict whether a news story is about entertainment, sports, politics, religion, etc. Or predict whether a CS course is Systems, Theory, AI or Other.
  4. Ranking : trying to put a set of objects in order of relevance. For instance, predicting what order to put web pages in, in response to a user query. Or predict Alice’s ranked preferences over courses she hasn’t taken.

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Published: September 16 2013

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