Google Cloud Storage Options | CPO200

What are the different types of Storage available on google cloud ?

  • Persistent disks
  • Local SSDs
  • Cloud Storage buckets
  • RAM disks

Which of the following Cloud Storage classes are supported for Container Registry?

○ Standard

○ Durable Reduced Availability

○ Nearline

Answer :

All of the listed classes are supported.

List the basic steps for first creating a Cloud Storage bucket and then configuring it for use with Container Registry and pushing a container image to it.

Steps :

1 Type the following command to create your bucket using the Cloud SDK.

gsutil mb -c <bucketclass> -l <bucketlocation> gs://<bucketname>

2 Type the following command to tag your container image with the bucket name.

docker tag user/<imagename><bucketname>

Note: You must specify as the hostname in this case.

3 Type the following Cloud SDK command to push the image to your bucket.

gcloud docker push<bucketname>/<imagename>

Published: November 20 2016

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