Mapping of AWS and Google Cloud Terminologies

This is a full list of services from Google and Amazon side by side.

  Concept   Service   AWS Term   Google Cloud Term    
  Data Center Cluster   Grouping of Data Centers   Region   Region    
  Abstracted Data Center   Data Center   Availability Zone   Zone    
  Edge Caching   Content Caching   CloudFront   Points of Presence (Multiple Services)    
  Computing   IaaS   Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud   Google Compute Engine    
  Computing   PaaS   AWS Elastic Beanstalk   Google App Engine    
  Computing   Containers   Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Container Service   Google Container Engine    
  Network   Load Balancer   Elastic Load Balancer   Google Cloud Load Balancing    
  Network   Peering   Direct Connect   Google Cloud Interconnect    
  Network   DNS   Amazon Route 53   Google Cloud DNS    
  Storage   Object Storage   Amazon Simple Storage Service   Google Cloud Storage    
  Storage   Block Storage   Amazon Elastic Block Store   Google Compute Engine Persistent Disks    
  Storage   Cold Storage   Amazon Glacier   Google Cloud Storage Nearline    
  Storage   File Storage   Amazon Elastic File System   ZFS / Avere    
  Database   RDBMS   Amazon Relational Database Service   Google Cloud SQL    
  Database   NoSQL: Key-value   Amazon DynamoDB   Google Cloud Bigtable    
  Database   NoSQL: Indexed   Amazon SimpleDB   Google Cloud Datastore    
  Big Data & Analytics   Batch Data Processing   Amazon Elastic Map Reduce   Google Cloud Dataproc, Google Cloud Dataflow    
  Big Data & Analytics   Stream Data Processing   Amazon Kinesis   Google Cloud Dataflow    
  Big Data & Analytics   Stream Data Ingest   Amazon Kinesis   Google Cloud Pub/Sub    
  Big Data & Analytics   Analytics   Amazon Redshift   Google BigQuery    
  Application Services   Messaging   Amazon Simple Notification Service   Google Cloud Pub/Sub    
  Management Services   Monitoring   Amazon CloudWatch   Stackdriver Monitoring    
  Management Services   Deployment   AWS CloudFormation   Google Cloud Deployment Manager    

Published: September 22 2016

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