Excel analysis using Play, D3.js and MongoDB - A quick overview of filtering  multi-variate datasets. Multivariate or high-dimensional (HiD) systems are hard to visualize because we are wired for a 3D world. Many different systems have been suggested to help visualize HiD data. Most of them use some system of subspace selection to reduce the dimensionality to 2 or 3 (e.g. 1-4) or use some procedure to identify important axes (e.g. principal component analysis or projection pursuit). When doing multivariate analysis, the big picture is usually where you want to start, for meaningful observations, believe it or not, can be gleaned from the clutter. A display with this much data cannot be used to explore the details, but it can be used to search for predominant patterns and exceptions. 

Published: July 17 2013

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