3 simple steps to create cross-tabs in SPSS ?

###Step 1 - Get the SPSS file and understand which variables you will be using for your crosstabs.

I had the following source file and wanted to find out differences between shopping behaviour of Males and Females for a specific event.

SPSS Source file for cross tabs

My independent variables are therefore - Gender ( Male, Female) and my dependent varable is the question - ‘Do you shop on Black Friday?’

###Step 2 - Add the variables on SPSS under Analyze > Descriptives > Crosstabs

Check the screenshot below

SPSS Menu for Crosstabs

Choose the variables you want to see in the crosstab

SPSS Variables for Crosstabs

###Step 3 - Create Crosstab with percentage values

Then choose the Statistics option > Chi-square

SPSS Chi-square

And under option Cells, ensure you have clicked on Percentage > Columns

SPSS Column percentage

And once you have this setup you can generate the report which looks like this for my example:

SPSS Crosstab report

Published: October 09 2013

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