SQL for Big Data - Key Initiatives

These are some SQL-for-Big Data initiatives which are getting some press: Facebook’s Presto, a real-time query engine that provides a direct SQL interface to Facebook’s Hadoop data warehouse. Facebook plans on releasing Presto as an open-source project this fall. Amazon Web Services’ RedShift. The service provides an SQL-based data warehouse service that can handle queries against databases of up to 1.6 petabytes. HortonWorks’ Stinger initiative, an effort to improve the SQL interface of Hive and make Hive 100 times faster. IBM’s BigSQL, an SQL query engine for Hadoop. BigSQL bypasses MapReduce and runs against the Hadoop Distributed File System for read-only queries and HBase (the Hadoop database engine) for transactional queries that perform reads and writes of data. EMC’s HAWQ, an SQL query engine for the company’s Pivotal HD version of Hadoop. Cloudera’s Impala, a real-time ad-hoc query interface to Hadoop introduced last October.

Published: August 28 2013

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